Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Shapeshifting

This is a traditional 16bit-style platformer made in 72hrs. You are an alien with mad shapeshifting skills, you are escaping from a lab and trying to make it back to your ship.
Game and Music by Edge. Art by James & Adam


Made for the Procedural Generation Jam

A procedurally generated text adventure!  You take control of a randomised hero in a randomised world.  You do random things to random objects.  This is a very odd game.
Game, Words and Music by Edge. Art by James


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Growing

An underwater exploration game, with a focus on discovery and relaxation.  Grow the plants to bring more wildlife to the ocean, and discover everything to complete.
Game and Music by Edge.  Art by James & Adam


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme - Beneath the Surface

A point-and-click puzzle exploration game.  The aim in this game jam was to make something with no weapons, and to create a pleasing atmosphere and soundscape.  If anyone gets stuck, a Walkthrough can be found HERE
Game, Sound & Music by Edge.  Art & Animation by James


Made for Ludum Dare.  Themes: Unconventional Weapon

A relaxing game with light exploration elements.  Float around a strange moonlight world, and hopefully enjoy the mood we created.  360 controller support on Chrome.
Game and Music by Edge. Art by James & Adam


An On-Going Development of Our Ludum Dare Game

This was a post-jam project to turn our Ludum Dare 29 entry into a full game.  This version is a work-in-progress, but still offers a lot of improvements over the original
Game, Sound & Music by Edge.  Art & Animation by James


Made for Ludum Dare.  Themes: One Screen / Artificial Life

A light Stealth game about destroying computer viruses. Travel in code form, destroy virus parts and hide from the all-seeing eye.  360 controller support on Chrome.
Game, Sound & Music by Edge.  Graphics by James


Made for The Candy Jam.  Theme - Candy Copyright

A top-down shooter to protest the copyrighting of the word Candy.  You play an abstract indie game construct, trying to fight off enemies from an evil corporation.
Game, Art, SFX & Music by Edge


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Connected Worlds

A fast-paced action platformer, you are an acrobatic knight with an awesome sword.  You flip between 2 worlds as you smash stuff to pieces.  360 controller support on Chrome.
Game, Art, SFX & Music by Edge


Made for Low Rez Jam.  32x32 Resolution Limit

A simple action platformer in which you play a tiny alien.  A one-alien army intent on wiping out the human fleet.  This was made from scratch in about 14 hours, over a week.
Game, Art, SFX & Music by Edge


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme - You Only Get One

This is a mini platform adventure, the idea being that in each room you only get one of something.  It was our first game to have 360 controller support
Game, Art, SFX & Music by Edge


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme - 10 Seconds

A side-scrolling shooter where the gameplay changes every 10 seconds.  Switch between running, fighting, building and a boss battle.
Game by Edge & Adam, Art by James & Adam,
SFX & Music by Edge


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme - Minimalism

A traditional platformer set in an Art Gallery.  Jump into the paintings to retrieve broken robots.  You can change things into minimalist shapes to help get through the levels.
Gameplay by Edge & Adam, Art by James, Music by Edge


Below are all the games we have made so far, the majority can be played in your browser.  Click on a game picture to open it in a new tab.
Each one has a brief description, but for the most part controls and instructions are found in-game. Please use Chrome if you can.
Remember that most were made for games jams over the course of a weekend, so be gentle


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: You are the Monster

This is a mouse-based monster management game made in 72hrs.  You play a mother monster trying to raise her brood, so feed them humans and keep them happy.
Game and Music by Edge. Art by James & Adam


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Ancient Technology

A pixel art top-down shooter, set on the distant Proxima B.  Your ship has crashed and you must repair an ancient alien vessel to escape the planet surface.  Old defences and indigenous blobs are out to stop you.
Game and Music by Edge. Art by James & Adam


Made for Low Rez Jam.  Theme: 64x64

A very small game made in a very small amount of time.  Did you notice that the main character is just LowRez backwards?  That’s how low I sank.  This is a sort of clicky shooty game that has a wizard.
Game, ‘Art’ and Music by Edge


Made for The Pixel Horror Jam

A pixel homage to films like Alien.  Keep your ship running for long enough to reach the space station, while avoiding the creature hiding somewhere on board.
Game by Adam.  Art by James & Adam.
Music & Sound by Edge.
Plus Guests! Writing by Pete, Testing by Dave


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: One Room

A miniature city-builder set on the floor of kid’s bedroom, made in 72hrs. Select your objective and try to build a city which meets your goals, or just have fun placing and upgrading your tiny buildings.
Game and Music by Edge. Art by James & Adam


Made for Ludum Dare.
Theme: The More you Have the Worse it Gets

A tile-rotating puzzles game with a relaxed atmosphere.  Rotate the river tiles to connect the fountain to the cherry trees.
Game, Music & Sound by Edge.
 Art & Design by James &  Adam.


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme - Evolution

A top-down arena shooter, you have a gun which can evolve enemies and scenery into other things.  This was the first ever game, so no music and Windows Download only I’m afraid.
Game, Art & SFX by Edge


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme - You Are the Enemy

An action platformer where you play an evil goat escaping from prison.  Not great level design, but you can control guns with your mind and shoot lasers from your eyes!
Game, Art, SFX & Music by Edge


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Running out of Space

A short story-driven platformer with a focus
on the audio and atmosphere.
Fix up an old spaceship to escape a flooding planet.
Game, Music & Sound by Edge.
Art & Design by Smith. Support from James.


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Small World

A small space exploration game with some light puzzle elements, designed to be a relaxing audio/visual experience.  Help a little lost alien find a new home.
Game by Adam.  Art by James.
Music & Sound by Edge.


Made for The Finally Finish Something Jam

A top down shooter set in a strange underworld.  Collect skulls and shoot monsters for as long as you can survive.  Combine powerups into a multitude of different weapons
Game, Music & Sound by Edge.
 Characters & Animation by James, Scenery & UI by Adam.
Plus Guest! Procedural Poetry by Pete


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Combine 2 Genres

A cross between a platformer and a golf game, where you are both the player and the ball.  Hit yourself into the hole in as few shots as possible!
Game, Art, Music & Sound by Edge.


Made for Ludum Dare.  Theme: Running out of Power

A physics-based robot building game.  Put together your robot from various modules, and do your best to get it to the end of the level.  This usually involves huge damage to the laboratory and nearby scientists.
Game, Music & Sound by Edge.
Art & Design by James & Adam.

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