Kitsuni was made for Ludum Dare 29, in April 2014.  The idea with this game was to create an interesting atmosphere, one that would make the game a nice place to spend time in.  We were pleased with how the graphics and sound turned out, but the restrictions of a game jam meant that gameplay suffered slightly (the puzzles were a little confusing, and it was easy to get lost on the map).

So with that in mind, below is a walkthrough for anyone who likes the game’s atmosphere, but has been frustrated by the puzzles.  Hopefully this may help a few people enjoy the sights and sounds of the game without rage-quitting.


You will being at the initial entrance level, here there is a small monolith which gives you some hints on playing the game.  Move the cursor to the far left of the screen and hold the left mouse button.  The fox will move towards it and onto the first screen.
This first location is screen 2 on the map.  There is the main hub of the environment, we realise that we should have put it in the middle, sorry!

Anyway, if you move the fox towards the crystal, he will pick it up.  Then move towards one of the 8 machine statues until it lights up.  This is the basic aim of the game, to collect the crystals and bring them back here.  Eventually the large thing in the centre will begin to rise from beneath the surface of the forest.  Use the map to find your way back here after you collect each of the remaining 6 crystals.

NOTE:  You can collect the crystals in any order, but this guide will suggest the best way so you do not feel like you are backtracking too much.  It should also introduce things in the right order.


You will now arrive at screen 6, here you will see the next crystal.  The fox cannot actually go past the rocks to get it, I know it looks wide enough, but this is because we ran out of time to cover the entrance in brambles.  To get this out you will need to use a hare (rabbit).  You can click on any large animal you see to take control of it; click on one of the hares and you will hear a sound.  Now you can move the hare in the same way as the fox, hold down the left mouse button to walk towards the cursor.

Walk the hare into the rock formation so it is standing next to the crystal, now you can use the hare’s special ability.  Hold down the right mouse button and the hare will use it’s telekinetic power, this will move the crystal along the ground.  Keep moving the crystal until it is well outside the rock formation, then take control of the fox by left clicking on it.  Collect the crystal and take it back to the statues.


Use the map to make your way to screen 11.  Here you will see a burrow in the bottom left of the screen.  Move the fox into the burrow entrance, you will be taken to an underground location.  As before, use the hare to move the crystal through the burrow and back to the fox.  Collect the crystal and take it back to the statues, why not take a detour through screen 10 and play in the flowers for a while.


Use the map to make your way to screen 3, on your way through screen 12, try clicking on the fish and swimming about in the lake, this will come in useful later.
When you arrive at screen 3 you will see a number of turtles, currently there is no way to get through the water to the crystal.
You must take control of each turtle in turn, and position them over the water.  The fox can cross the gaps on the back of their shells.  It only works if you walk over the turtle in the direction he is facing though, so don’t try to get two together and go straight up.  We like the idea that you could just do that, but didn’t have time to make it work.  Collect the crystal and use the map to take it home.


Use the map to make your way to screen 9.  Here you will see a crocodile bathing in the lake, and a monkey up a tree.  The crystal is hidden under the water, so you will need to take control of a fish to get it.  The fish won’t come out until that crocodile leaves.  To complete this puzzle, first take control of the monkey and hold down the right mouse button.  When you release the right button, the monkey will throw a coconut at the angle his arm is facing, you may have to take a few swings before he gets warmed up (that is nice way of saying there is a bug).  You need to hit the crocodile, this is quick tricky but is definitely possible.  When you hit the croc, he will swim under the bridge and go submerge in the smaller pool.

With the crocodile gone, a fish will come to the surface of the water, select this little guy and you will see crystal beneath the surface.  The fish has the same power as the hare; hold the right and nudge the crystal onto the logs sticking out of the lake, this will push the crystal to the surface.  Take control of the fox again, collect the crystal and bring it back to the statues.


Use the map to make your way to screen 1.  Here you will see a whole bunch of things, including some wolves.  You need to get rid of these guys, when you do a hare will emerge from the burrow and you can use him to nudge the crystal out into the open.  You can take control of the wolves, but they are stubborn and won’t leave the area.
To solve this one, first take control of the monkey.  We will have more fun with throwing things here, and the idea is to hit the beehive on the right hand side.  When you manage to hit it, you will break it and unleash a swarm of bees.  You can take control of these bees, and use them to drive the wolves away from the area into the bottom left of the screen.

With all the wolves gone, the hare will appear.  Use him to nudge the crystal out and transfer back into the fox, collect the crystal and use the map to guide you home.


This is the last one, so if you want to do any more exploring then now is the time.  You can try clicking on the owls and looking for demons in the forest.
When you’re ready, use the map and head to screen 8, the crystal is actually on screen 4 to the north, but there is a log blocking the way.  To remove this log you will need to take control of the birds, these are the small blue pointy things which don’t look much like birds (they are perched on the ground).  When you have control of one, press the right moue button to fly into the air.  Now you can move around normally.  You will need to take 3 birds to the 3 branches on the log, and land them on the branches by pressing right mouse button.  This is a bit awkward, but you will hear a sound when you get it right.  Once all 3 birds have landed them will carry the log away (sorry we did not have time to animate this).  Move between the statues and up into screen 4.

Here on screen 4 you should see a firefly temple containing the last crystal, to unlock this you will need to light the 4 torches.  These are lit by the tiny fireflies you have seen through the forest, but unfortunately their minds are too small for you to take control of them, luckily there is a giant firefly here you can control.  When in control of the giant firefly, you should fly over the smaller ones.  This will play a sound and they will now follow you.  Lead small fireflies to each of the torches and the door will open.  Return to the fox and collect the crystal, be careful here as the temple is a bit small and the fox can get stuck, you should be able to get it after a few tries.  Take the crystal home to the statues and place it in the final one.

You will see the robot rise and get an ending screen, this ending was done in the last minutes with the deadline approaching, so isn’t really what we intended.  The idea was more that the game was a nice place to explore.

Thanks for playing, we hope you enjoyed it.