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Territory Released for Finally Finish Something 2019

Posted on 8 February 2019 by Adam Duncan

We've entered our very own game jam for the third time, our entry is a game about tanks, capturing land and plenty of explosions. Play Territory here.

Screenshot showing Territory's opening title screen.

We put this together for Finally Finish Something 2019, and it is a game...(Read blog post)

The 2018 FFS Jam is Complete

Posted on 10 February 2018 by Adam Summerton

The second annual Finally Finish Something is complete, thanks to all those who took part.  We had an ever bigger response this year, with over 100 people submitting games.  New for this year were the Discord channel, and a  page on collaboration site Crowdforge.  We're very happy to help people get those ongoing projects over the line, and are planning...(Read blog post)

#FFSjam Returns!

Posted on 23 December 2017 by Adam Summerton

The Finally Finish Something jam is back for it's second year!

 We've decided to run this jam again over at, due to the positive response we have last year.  We had small but friendly community, and over 50 games submitted, which was a lot more than we predicted.  We still think that a game jam with relaxed rules is good motivation to finish off those old projects, and look forward to seeing everyone again this year.  

The jam will run for the whole of January...(Read blog post)

Midnight Fields - Developer Review

Posted on 19 February 2017 by Adam Summerton

Midnight Fields was our entry into ‘Finally Finish Something’, a game jam that we also hosted.  This is the post mortem of the game, rather than of the jam itself, but you can read about that here. For this post mortem, we are trying something a bit different… Usually we put together a rather formal document in the traditional post mortem style, but we found that none of us really enjoyed doing this or referred back to it much.  We decided that from now on we are going to do...(Read blog post)

The #FFSjam is Complete

Posted on 13 February 2017 by Adam Summerton

The Finally Finish Something jam came to a close last week, the game jam we ran over on the website. The main purpose of the jam was to give people a reason to finish long running projects, or to get a game done for the very first time.  Below is a little run down of how it all went, with some melodramatic chapter titles.


We always enter a few game jams throughout the year, and we'd been looking for a jam to motivate us to...(Read blog post)

The ‘Finally Finish Something’ Game Jam

Posted on 28 November 2016 by Adam Summerton

We've decided to do something crazy and run our own game jam.  We're not sure if it's going to work out, or if anyone will even join, but you can find out more over at here.

We're using as it's a really great website for hosting indie games, and has some amazing tools for running game jams.  It handles most of the hard work for you, so with a little effort it's easy to put something...(Read blog post)