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Seize the Clay Released for Ludum Dare

Posted on 23 May 2019 by Adam Duncan

Back again for Ludum Dare 44, we have released Seize the Clay, a colourful pottery game where you get to be creative whilst producing your own wares for sale.

A screenshot of the pottery workshop in our game Seize the Clay

The theme this time was "Life is Currency" and you play a lonely potter trying...(Read blog post)

People/Power Released for Ludum Dare

Posted on 4 December 2018 by Adam Summerton

We have released our 20th Ludum Dare game in a row!  It's a dystopian physics game, slightly similar to 90's classic Lemmings.

The aim of the game is to direct a lot of tiny people into the mouth of a large robot, in order to generate electricity for the surviving rich people.  To do this you have to place a series of contraptions to direct the little people to the robot, things like giant fans, swinging boots and  giant boxing gloves.  The physics provides a pretty haphazard...(Read blog post)

New Ludum Dare Game, Plus Mystery Guest

Posted on 16 August 2018 by Adam Summerton

After an intense weekend, we have another Ludum Dare submission to share.  This one is called Evercloud, and is a sort atmospheric platformer with some light story elements.

The theme was running out of space, and in yet another loose interpretation I chose an escape from a dying planet overrun by flooding.  The idea was that each day the water level would rise, and you are running out of space on land.  You have to fix up an old spaceship and get off the planet before all the...(Read blog post)

Self Golf Released for Ludum Dare

Posted on 28 April 2018 by Adam Summerton

I have just finished another Ludum Dare, and released Self Golf into the wild.  I was flying solo this time, so we're back to some good old fashioned developer graphics (complete with scan-line effect to help mask the horror).

The theme was "Combine Two Genres", and I feel like this was the best game jam idea I've had in a long time.  The genres I decided to combine were sports and platforming.  The idea started as a simple golf game but with some jumping...(Read blog post)

Ludum Dare 40 Complete

Posted on 8 December 2017 by Adam Summerton

We have finished another Ludum Dare earlier this month, and we've released our latest jam game Cherry Creek.  It's small puzzle game about lining up river tiles and making trees grow.  We've tried to go back to our traditional chilled out atmosphere with this one, but kept it to a fairly simple pixel style.

It's based on a number of older tile-turning pipe games that I've always enjoyed, the idea was to implement a solid interpretation of the game mechanics,...(Read blog post)

Modular Destruction Labs - Developer Review

Posted on 22 August 2017 by Adam Summerton

Modular Destruction Labs was our entry for Ludum Dare 39.  This is our post-mortem, which we like to do as an online developer chat (rather than a long essay).  You can play the game here on our website, or over at here.  The Ludum Dare entry page can be found here.

...(Read blog post)

Star Traveller - Developer Review

Posted on 2 May 2017 by Adam Summerton

Star Traveller was our entry for Ludum Dare 38.  This is our post-mortem, which we like to do as an online developer chat (rather than a long essay).  You can play the game here on our website, or over at here.  The Ludum Dare entry page can be found here.

The game itself was a...(Read blog post)

Star Traveller Submitted for Ludum Dare

Posted on 26 April 2017 by Adam Summerton

We have finished and submitted our Ludum Dare 38 game, Star Traveller.  It’s a small space exploration game, with some light puzzle elements.  The Ludum Dare competition page is here.

I was away for most of the weekend this time around, so the task of designing and programming the game fell to Adam D.  He was confident going into the weekend, fresh from his success as lead programmer on Not Alone.  There was the usual art and animation from James, and I managed to show my face for around 10 hours on the...(Read blog post)

Toy Box Metropolis Review

Posted on 2 January 2017 by Adam Summerton

Toy Box Metropolis was our entry for Ludum Dare 37.  Below is our developer chat on what went right and what went wrong.  This is a bit of a shorter one, as we did it quite a while after the jam ended.  
I have back-dated the blog post to when we should have done it, but let’s try and keep that a secret. Taking part in this chat are:

Edge: Made the game and the music
James: Designed and animated the buildings
...(Read blog post)

Toy Box Metropolis Submitted

Posted on 20 December 2016 by Adam Summerton

We finished another Ludum Dare game, submitted at the very last minute as usual!  This time it’s called Toy Box Metropolis, and it’s a miniature city builder.  The basic idea is that you’re a kid building a little toy city on the floor of your bedroom, but with some added strategy elements to give you some kind of goal.

It was something different for us, as we’ve never made a city builder before.  I think the results were mixed, we ended up with a nice solid little game, but with some pretty major missing features (like the ability to undo or reverse anything, get those cities...(Read blog post)