Continuing Development on Kitsuni

<- Back to blog | Posted on 10 May 2014 by Adam Summerton

Things have been going really well with Kitsuni since we submitted it for Ludum Dare.  Despite some of the bugs we have had a lot of positive comments, especially on the graphics and audio, and now a few mentions in the gaming press…

Initially the game was featured in a ‘Browser Pick’ article on Indie
Kitsuni on

…and then on PC in a ‘Best Free Games of the Week’ article (unfortunately they have since taken this link down).

We were both really happy to be featured in articles online, we’re still really new to this and it’s the first time we’ve experienced any kind of publicity.  It has given us the confidence to continue working on a post-competition version of the game, where we can correct all the inevitable problems that arise during a game jam.  Hopefully we will also be including touch controls so it can be played on tablets.  Will post updates online as it progresses, thanks again to anyone who has played our game.

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