Miyu Submitted for Ludum Dare

<- Back to blog | Posted on 20 April 2015 by Adam Summerton

We finally managed to get all members of the team together to participate in Ludum Dare 32.  The Theme was Unconventional Weapon, and we had 3 men and 1 cat fully committed to the cause.

We came up with a game called Miyu, about a moon spirit living in a strange lunar world.  The idea was that spirits from the sun world had sort of invaded, and you had to trick them into going back to their solar world.
Your unconventional weapon was the plants and environments around you, and you used them to create portals and herd the sun spirits into them.  You can play it on our games page, or over at itch.io here.

It went really well this time, and having a full strength team meant we got something fully completed, with the only thing really missing being some extra levels.  The graphics, audio and mood came together really well, and I think this was our most professional looking game to date.

The only thing we really regretted, was not putting a bit more time into all the little environmental elements.  These seemed popular with players and made exploring the landscape fun.

You can see a full post mortem of the game on our Ludum Dare page, where we go into more detail about how everything went, link is here.

I’d love to work more on this one if I ever get time, although the gameplay would need a bit of an overhaul.  Some people found the main mechanic of herding enemies a bit frustrating, so that would need to be fixed or changed I think.  There would also need to be more for the player to do and interact with.

This was a great Ludum Dare, and a top 50 finish overall was complimented by an amazing 5th place finish for mood!  Hopefully we can get the whole team together in August for the next LD and do it all over again.

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