Plans for Winter 2016 / 2017

<- Back to blog | Posted on 1 October 2016 by Adam Summerton

As winter approaches and the evenings get longer, we are settling in for a few months of game development.  Over the Winter period we are hoping to get 3 smaller games finished, and hopefully make a bit of progress on our larger projects.

We're currently in the process of working on an entry for the Pixel Horror Jam, and for the first time I will not be doing any development!  Adam D is taking the lead on the game and is keen to get stuck in and completely show me up, meanwhile I will be offering moral support whilst concentrating on music and sound design.

We will definitely be entering Ludum Dare in December, which will be our 14th LD in a row!  After doing something fairly traditional last time around, we are all committed to trying something new this time.  So expect to see something without any kind of violence or combat, and hopefully in a genre we haven't tried before.  It could be a huge failure, but we're looking forward to trying.

The 3rd game we're hoping to finish is a long running project that we want to finally finish off.  We might submit it to the Forever Jam, although we do have another crazy idea which I might post about later in the year.

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