Proxima B Submitted for Ludum Dare

<- Back to blog | Posted on 31 August 2016 by Adam Summerton

We submitted Proxima B for Ludum Dare 36, which is now available on our games page.  There was no rating phase for LD this time around, so we’re not sure exactly how the game was received.  I don’t think any of us are quite as excited by this game compared to previous projects, but we did get it fully finished and relatively polished.  Plus, for the very first time, we actually managed to design some levels way before the deadline, so for once we weren’t doing it all with 15 minutes to go

I think this proves that our workflow is good enough to consistently finish games during LD game jams, but perhaps we’ve fallen into a bit of a familiar pattern.  We had a chat afterwards and decided that for the next Ludum Dare in December we want to try and do something a bit more innovative, possibly something completely insane if we have a good enough idea.  You can check out Proxima B on our games page here on the site or over at  here.

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