Rift Knight Made for Ludum Dare 30

<- Back to blog | Posted on 6 September 2014 by Adam Summerton

Not posted anything on here for a while due to other commitments: I have just got a new new job, James has been recovering from a detached retina, Adam has been buried under a pile of pHD work and Darwin got a new lobster-on-a-stick toy which just had to be destroyed.  So as you can see we've all been pretty busy.

Despite this, I found some time last weekend to participate in another Ludum Dare game jam, and was pretty happy with the results.  The finished game is called Rift Knight and is playable on our site here.  If you want to check out the competition page you can see that here.

The game is fairly simple to look at, but the controls and feel of the movement turned out really well, you can read my post-mortem of the weekend here.

This game is going onto the list of ongoing projects, along with Kitsuni, so hopefully you will see an improved version of the game at some point in the future (if we ever get any more free time).  Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the game!


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