Seize the Clay Released for Ludum Dare

<- Back to blog | Posted on 23 May 2019 by Adam Duncan

Back again for Ludum Dare 44, we have released Seize the Clay, a colourful pottery game where you get to be creative whilst producing your own wares for sale.

A screenshot of the pottery workshop in our game Seize the Clay

The theme this time was "Life is Currency" and you play a lonely potter trying to make a living, selling pots each day to survive. Adam S had the idea before we began the jam and we moulded it to fit, something that we don't normally do. To play the game, you move your character around the workshop, first picking up an order, selecting your clay and then moving around to shape the pot, paint it and bake it in the kiln. Finally, you put your wares on display for the customers to appraise at the end of the day.

A close up view of the potter's wheel in Seize the Clay, where you get to shape your pot

We had some trouble with the calculation that deterimes the value of each pot, so as it stands it is a bit random (the usual game jam problem of not having enough time), but overall, we're very pleased with the end result. Check it out and let us know what you think on or in the comments below!

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