Star Traveller Submitted for Ludum Dare

<- Back to blog | Posted on 26 April 2017 by Adam Summerton

We have finished and submitted our Ludum Dare 38 game, Star Traveller.  It’s a small space exploration game, with some light puzzle elements.  The Ludum Dare competition page is here.

I was away for most of the weekend this time around, so the task of designing and programming the game fell to Adam D.  He was confident going into the weekend, fresh from his success as lead programmer on Not Alone.  There was the usual art and animation from James, and I managed to show my face for around 10 hours on the final day, which was just enough time to do the music and sound effects. We’ll be doing a developer chat later this week, when we’ll look back on what went right and what went wrong. 

You can play Star Traveller over on our games page, or use the direct link here.

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