Territory Released for Finally Finish Something 2019

<- Back to blog | Posted on 8 February 2019 by Adam Duncan

We've entered our very own game jam for the third time, our entry is a game about tanks, capturing land and plenty of explosions. Play Territory here.

Screenshot showing Territory's opening title screen.

We put this together for Finally Finish Something 2019, and it is a game that I've wanted to finish for a long time. I started doing a version of it for the Low Rez Jam about a year or two ago, but it is an idea that I've had for a lot longer. I think we're generally pleased with the result, although it is the same old story of never having enough time for level design and play testing. Although I'm starting to accept that as a reality of game jams now, as throughout the development process I really wanted to get the mechanics working as well as I could. Inevitably that meant less time for level design, as without the core mechanics in place, I couldn't start designing levels around them.

Overall, I think James did a great job on the artwork, as did Adam S. on the music. I enjoyed the whole development process and it was something of a cathartic one for me, finally getting the game idea out. I think the end result is plenty of fun, albeit pretty challenging!

A screenshot of Territory showing one of the aforementioned unnecessarily large explosions.

The itch.io page for the game is here, and the submission page is here.

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