Toy Box Metropolis Submitted

<- Back to blog | Posted on 20 December 2016 by Adam Summerton

We finished another Ludum Dare game, submitted at the very last minute as usual!  This time it’s called Toy Box Metropolis, and it’s a miniature city builder.  The basic idea is that you’re a kid building a little toy city on the floor of your bedroom, but with some added strategy elements to give you some kind of goal.

It was something different for us, as we’ve never made a city builder before.  I think the results were mixed, we ended up with a nice solid little game, but with some pretty major missing features (like the ability to undo or reverse anything, get those cities right first time people!)

We’ll be publishing a review or write-up of some kind in the new year, until then you can give Toy Box Metropolis a go here on our games page, or over at here.

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