We Made a Thing for #LowRezJam 2016

<- Back to blog | Posted on 1 May 2016 by Adam Summerton

I did a little solo game for this year’s LowRez Jam, it’s called Zerwol the Wizard.  The observant amongst you might have noticed that Zerwol is actually LowRez backwards, I know this is lame and I’m sorry.  In my defence, I was working on this at the same time as working on Ludum Dare with the rest of the team, so I hadn’t really had much sleep.

The game is a click-to-move top-down shooter (CTMTDS!) and my main aim was to test out pathfinding.  The pathfinding does work, so that was a success, and it is quite fun to set all the trees in the forest on fire.  I managed to do some quick music and got away with my terrible developer art because the resolution was so low.  One thing I didn’t do so well was telling the player where to go to find the keys and treasure, so you might end up wandering around for hours.  Basically the key is on the right middle of the map, and the treasure is in the bottom left.

You can play Zerwol on our games page, or over at itch.io here.

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