About Us

A few friends making indie games in our spare time

We are Second Dimension Games, a small indie games team based in the UK.  The 3 of us initially joined forces back in 2012,  with the aim of entering a few game jams to see if we were any good at it.   Now it's 8 years later and we still really enjoy creating games over a weekend, having entered something into Ludum Dare for the past 19 competitions in a row!

At the start of 2018, we made the decision to take things slightly more seriously, and have now released our first commercial game Cherry Creek.  We still only make games in our spare time, alongside our full-time jobs, so we're not expecting fame and fortune just yet.  Our aim is to keep our commercial releases relatively small, but  take the time we need to do them right.  We're hoping to create a modest group of satisfied fans, and provide them with small interesting games for years to come.

You can get in touch on Twitter.

Meet the team

Adam Summerton

Roles include development, game design, level design and music composition

Adam is the founder of Second Dimension Games, but not the leader.  Due to the confusion of having 2 Adam's in the team, he is often referred to by his exotic middle name Edge.  He is in charge of the main game development, as well as writing the music and handling the audio in general.   He enjoys listening to and creating music, and initially started making games as an excuse to record some chiptune tracks.  Since beginning the journey in development, he has found it more and more enjoyable, and now works full time in the  manufacturing software industry.  He enjoys playing video games when he can, but barely has the time alongside a full time career, a young family and various other hobbies.

Some of Adam's favourite games are: 
Night in the Woods, Life is Strange, Mass Effect, Firewatch, Kentucky Route Zero, What Remains of Edith Finch & The Last of Us

Some of Adam's non-gaming interests are: 
Books by Iain Banks, Robin Hobb, Neil Gaiman, Joe Abercrombie or George RR Martin.  The music of  Wild Beasts, Arcade Fire, The National, Lambchop and Frightened Rabbit.  Aquariums & keeping tropical fish.  Spending time with his baby daughter.

James Crossley

Roles include art, animation, game & level design

James is an artist and trained illustrator, with a skill for interesting character designs.  He is currently learning to translate his painting and drawing skills to digital art and sprites. Providing animation assets for Second Dimension Games, he has slowly become an adequate animator.

With a love for all things mechanical, both in games and real-life. He proved this when customising and improving his gaming PC, which is now partly made from Lego.

Works full time as a photographer and graphic designer.

Some of James's favourite games are: Kentucky Route Zero, Firewatch, Gone Home, Portal 1 & 2, Red Dead Redemption and his child hood favourite, Wonder boy: The Dragons Trap.

Some of James's non-gaming interests are: Reading, especially sci fi. Music by British Sea Power, The National, Sufjan Stevens , Beirut and Belle and Sebastian. Art and drawing, he has recently started life drawing classes again and is trying to rememeber how to draw an actual human body. 

Adam Duncan

Roles include game design & development, UI & environment art, web developer

Adam is a trained artist as well as an experienced web developer. Being responsible for a lot of the environment art, he once complained that he was spending too much time drawing mud and dirt but he loves it really. With his development experience he sometimes steps in to build our games but mostly he leaves that to Adam S.

He works full time at a charity doing website maintenance, development and digital marketing. Due to his experience in those areas, he built and maintains this website.

Some of Adam's favourite games are:
System Shock 2 & BioShock, Syndicate, ADOM, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Heroes of Might & Magic 3, Endless Legend, complex boardgames that he rarely gets a chance to play

Some of Adam's non-gaming interests are:
Art & drawing, web tech, Sci-Fi, food (in particular travelling around the country with his partner to eat at their favourite places), anime, comics