Seize the Clay Released for Ludum Dare

Posted on 23 May 2019 by Adam Duncan

Back again for Ludum Dare 44, we have released Seize the Clay, a colourful pottery game where you get to be creative whilst producing your own wares for sale.

A screenshot of the pottery workshop in our game Seize the Clay

The theme this time was "Life is Currency" and you play a lonely potter trying to make a living, selling pots each day to survive. Adam S had the idea before we began the jam and we moulded it to fit, something that we don't normally do. To play the game, you move your character around the workshop, first picking up an order,...

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Cherry Creek Released

Posted on 15 March 2019 by Adam Duncan

Cherry Creek our tile-turning, indie puzzle game is now available to buy on Steam and It has come a long way from its beginnings as a ludum dare entry and we're excited to get out first commercial release out of the door, we hope you enjoy it!

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Cherry Creek - Coming to Steam &

Posted on 3 March 2019 by Adam Summerton

We're happy to announce that Cherry Creek is now officially scheduled for release, and will be coming to  Steam & on 15th March 2019! 

Cherry Creek is a tile-turning puzzle game, with a focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere.  We’ve always liked this style of puzzle game but found they’re often quite industrial or techy in their presentation.  The aim with Cherry Creek was to create a fun casual puzzle game that was also a nice place to spend a bit of time.  You can watch the...

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Territory Released for Finally Finish Something 2019

Posted on 8 February 2019 by Adam Duncan

We've entered our very own game jam for the third time, our entry is a game about tanks, capturing land and plenty of explosions. Play Territory here.

Screenshot showing Territory's opening title screen.

We put this together for Finally Finish Something 2019, and it is a game that I've wanted to finish for a long time. I started doing a version of it for the Low Rez Jam about a year or two ago, but it is an idea that I've had for a lot longer. I think we're generally pleased with the result, although it is the same old story of never...

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People/Power Released for Ludum Dare

Posted on 4 December 2018 by Adam Summerton

We have released our 20th Ludum Dare game in a row!  It's a dystopian physics game, slightly similar to 90's classic Lemmings.

The aim of the game is to direct a lot of tiny people into the mouth of a large robot, in order to generate electricity for the surviving rich people.  To do this you have to place a series of contraptions to direct the little people to the robot, things like giant fans, swinging boots and  giant boxing gloves.  The physics provides a pretty haphazard...

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Cherry Creek Release Announcement

Posted on 7 November 2018 by Adam Summerton

We are very bad at marketing, or doing any of the things that you're supposed to do when making a game, hence this post being around 11 months late.  This announcement is to confirm that we are officially going to release our first commercial game, and the other simultaneous announcement is that already we've finished it!  

We've actually been working on a final polished version of Cherry Creek since January this year, but we discovered it takes a long time to do anything when you only...

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New Ludum Dare Game, Plus Mystery Guest

Posted on 16 August 2018 by Adam Summerton

After an intense weekend, we have another Ludum Dare submission to share.  This one is called Evercloud, and is a sort atmospheric platformer with some light story elements.

The theme was running out of space, and in yet another loose interpretation I chose an escape from a dying planet overrun by flooding.  The idea was that each day the water level would rise, and you are running out of space on land.  You have to fix up an old spaceship and get off the planet before all the land is...

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