A selection of our original music and recent gameplay videos

All of our jam games have original soundtracks, written by our own Adam S , and below is a selection of the  best music from our SoundCloud page.   We also have a selection of Let's Play videos from YouTube, and a few of our own gameplay and update videos.  We will continue to add any official gameplay videos to this page, along with anything interesting we find online.  If you're a YouTuber or Streamer with a video of our game, then feel free to get in touch!


Chiptune Playlist

This playlist is the most ‘gamey’ of all our music so far. The idea for most of these was to use fairly modern sounds, whilst giving that slight retro feel. They were written to fit generally with the aesthetics of the game they were made for, but mainly the aim was to have some fun and get something done in time! Not taking it too seriously has mostly worked, as these are some of our favourite tracks.

Atmospheric Playlist

The next set of tracks had a little more time spent on them during the game jam process. The idea with these was to focus a lot more on atmosphere, and make sure the music worked with the game’s graphics to evoke a certain mood. We think for the most part they worked out pretty well, and the first 2 tracks are probably some of the best in terms of atmosphere, as they fused really nicely with the game to create a great feel. A special thank you to anyone who listens to 'The Rain Feels Like Home' all the way through, clocking in at an ultra self indulgent 17 minutes long!

Ambient Playlist

These tracks are in what we would loosely term the Ambient category, and are designed as more relaxed background music. A few of the tracks have no beat of any kind, and are meant to sort of wash over you. As pretentious as that sounds, we think it works in Tides of Freedom, as the low drones of the synths work nicely with the underwater theme of the accompanying game.

Gameplay and let's play videos

Cherry Creek Gameplay

Seize the Clay - Game Jam Build First Look

Modular Destruction Labs – Game Jam Build First Look

From the Sea, Freedom

Infini-Quest - What is it?

Cherry Creek Demo - Feed the Trees

From The Sea, Freedom (With Makey Makey Controller)

Inifini-Quest Ep. 1 | Invisible Knife

Miyu Official Gameplay Video


Build Robots for Free | Modular Destruction Labs

INFINI-QUEST: The Book of Almighty Destruction