Cherry Creek - Press Kit


Developer: Second Dimension Games

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X

Location: United Kingdom

Distribution: Steam (PC), (PC/Mac)


Release date: 15th March 2019

Press contact:

Usual price: £3.99 | $4.99 | €3.99


Cherry Creek is a tile-turning puzzle game set in the idyllic countryside, with a focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere.  The aim is to rotate the river tiles to take water from the fountain to all the cherry trees.  Click the tiles to rotate them until the puzzle is complete, and lock tiles to help you finish the harder levels. The puzzles offer something for all abilities, so enjoy a coffee break by playing a few simple levels, or set yourself a real challenge on the hardest difficulties.  Try to beat your best scores, or just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


The original version of Cherry Creek was created for the Ludum Dare game jam in December 2017.  The team like this type of puzzle, but noticed most existing games tended to have industrial or technologial themes, so the aim was to create a solid tile-turning puzzle with a focus on nature and a more relaxed atmosphere.  

The game received good feedback, and the Second Dimension team decided it would be a good achieveable project for their first commercial relase.  They spent 2018 working on the game in their spare time, aiming to get the quality to a releaseable standard.   


  • A modern take on the classic tile-turning puzzle genre
  • Over 250 puzzles across 8 difficulty levels
  • A unique natural environment as the backdrop for every puzzle
  • Beat your personal best, with scores in 3 categories for each difficulty
  • Play your own way, with all difficulty levels available from the start
  • Choose your own score targets, or turn off all scoring for a more relaxed experience
  • 6 different control methods to suit both right-handed and left handed players